Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bilingual Families Perth

In 2011 it will be 10 years that we started Bilingual Families Perth, a network of families with more than one language. The journey is not finished but continuing, although the children are growing up and becoming adults. This blog will share some stories from the journey and recall events that we experienced along the track. I would like to invite other bilingual people who live in Australia, especially people who live in Perth, to use this blog to post their stories and questions and whatever is on their mind that relates to language learning in more than one language .

I was inspired to start writing a blog about bilingualism in Australia because I am having so much fun writing my gardening blog and because with awa I witnessed the blogging carnival that my bilingual friends all over the world are holding from time to time. I am part of this world of more than one language and more than one culture. it is part of my making and I love it.

This picture was taken at a Harmony Week event at the Loftus Community Centre following a drumming circle. We asked a local baker to make us an Easter bread with a smiley face and he baked us the words HARMONY out of bread dough to hold and eat. Yummy. 

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